Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good Tuesday Morning, and thanks for stopping by again! Thanks for your comments and subscriptions, it keeps me from tapping the microphone and asking if this thing is on.

Cindy's story has a lot more to go, but it gets better and better. She's a silly girl and I have plenty of anecdotes and pictures that will make you smile.

I'm finishing up a project for a friend, I do some scrapper for hire work and I've made an album for her business. I'm sure she won't mind me posting here before I deliver it, so stay tuned for that later today!

How do you like the Spellbinder's Sneak Peeks so far? I think they are amazing! I have seen all the dies already but I am still delighted to see the artwork each day. MY DAY IS TOMORROW! That means I'll be hitting the Starbucks to keep my eyes open so I can post at midnight. All I can say is, are you ready for something completely different?


  1. Can't wait to see your post!
    Loving the sneeks! My wish list gets longer...sign! LOL!!

  2. Beth, I CAN'T wait to see your designs!!! ;) Love the picture of Cindy!!

  3. Cindy is adorable! I am a huge dog lover and have had several rescue Great Danes over the years. I've subscribed to your blog so I can follow her story. Thank you for loving and caring for the voiceless.


  4. Cindy's adorable! Thanks for the sneak peaks too!